The daily routine in your practice poses many challenges. While there are many solutions to be found, conventional ones are not always the best. Trust SunSept and our product range with many years of experience – we offer more than disinfectants. SunSept offers to accompany and support you throughout your day. Experience the exceptional and complete your SunSept world with products specifically designed for use in dental surgeries.


  • SunSept Suction System Disinfection
  • SunSept Suction Systems Cleaner
  • SunSept Suction System Filter
  • SunSept Impression Disinfection
  • SunSept Spittoon Cleaner and Disinfection
  • SunSept Mouth Antiseptic Solution
  • SunSept Cement Remover
  • SunSept Plaster Remover
  • SunSept Tray Cleaner